Information about loan providers Lime Zaim and Kviku

Information about loan providers Lime Zaim and Kviku

June 8, 2022 Announcements

Dear investors, 

We would like to inform you about the ongoing situation regarding the difficult cross-border money transfers of the Russian loan providers Lime Zaim and Kviku. 

It still applies that payments from Russia to “enemy countries” are limited to payments of 10 million rubles per month. Although it is possible to convert rubles in specific cases, the exchange of rubles for euros is very limited. 

At Bondster, we constantly analyze all options and their potential risks so that we can transfer Russian providers’ funds safely to you. At the same time, the loan originators and we must comply with the current regulations in force, which are changing very quickly. 

That is why we ask all our investors for patience. We believe that the situation will be resolved promptly, and the funds will be in your Bondster accounts shortly. 

The Bondster team 

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