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Deposit and withdrawal of money - FAQ

Yes. It can be used by companies licensed for this purpose within the EU. However, in order to be able to send payments to these entities, it is a condition of sending the first payment from an account listed under your name and proof of two identity documents.

After the order for funds withdrawal, funds are sent from BONDSTER Marketplace s.r.o. account to the registered investor’s bank account.

Yes. The investor needs to accept the costs associated with the transfer.

In this case, the recipient’s bank rate will be used, and the investor needs to accept their bank´s costs associated with the exchange

In that case, we will require proof of ownership of the account and one identity document. If it is not possible to prove the ownership of your account by you, the funds will be sent back to the account from which we received the funds.

Bondster cannot access your funds without your instruction.

Money can only be sent to an account that the investor has registered on the Bondster platform. In this case, a registered account is considered to be an account from which we received an investor’s payment and that has been verified as the property of the investor.

Payment to your bank usually takes one business day within the same country or 2-4 days in case of international transfer.

Yes, it is possible. We support SEPA payments for sending money from abroad. When sending your first payment we require you to use your bank account registered in Bondster platform. Additional payments can then be sent through exchange and money transfer service providers with the license for these services.

Funds sent in this way will be automatically converted to CZK in accordance with our bank’s conversion rate.

In the case of sending money from abroad, the investor pays the bank’s costs associated with the transfer.

The payment service provider is used for sending payments in a currency other than CZK or EUR. The rate of Transferwise rate is used to exchange currency.

The amount is not limited. For a transaction, Bondster does not charge a fee – but consider that you may face bank charges.

Whenever you want. If you have free funds on the Bondster account you can transfer them back to your bank account. You can do so via a payment order – link WITHDRAW FUNDS at your profile. The condition for the transaction is the provision of all required identity documents. In this case, we require a copy of the identity card (both sides) or copy of another identity document (driving license or passport) and proof of ownership of the account (bank account contract, account statement etc.).

Yes, you have this option. To change your account, simply send funds from your new account to your investment account and prove that the account is yours (contract of establishment or account statement).

You will be credited to the investor account on the day after we receive your funds. Payment from your bank usually takes one business day within the same country or 2-4 days in case of international transfer.

You can see your account balance by signing into Bondster. These funds are recorded on a separate account at the Czech bank Komerční Banka.

The investor can send money only to their own account and from the bank account listed under their name. However, if we receive funds from a different account than that registered in your name, we are obligated to require proof of ownership of the account and proof of your identity. If you do not provide this information, then, in this case, we will send the money back. The first payment on investor account must be always from an account held in the name of the investor account owner.

To complete the registration successfully and to invest in the portal, you need to send the first payment from an account listed under your name. If we receive the first payment from a non-registered account, we will require you to provide proof of account ownership and one identity document. In the absence of verification, the money will be returned to you immediately and will not be invested.

Once you have completed your registration, you need only transfer funds through internet banking. You can find all the data under the DEPOSIT FUNDS link in your profile or on the home page. Please follow the instructions there.

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