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December 26, 2021

Company MFO “Dengi Govoryat” with “TengeDa” brand name is a member of Silkway Group, a fast-growing fintech operating in Kazakhstan. We are on a mission to boost responsible lending through technology-enabled products and a user-centric approach. We have created an ecosystem that offers a better way for users to access credit than any other single lender can offer. Our Prodengi.kz marketplace connects consumers with multiple banks and alternative lenders including ourselves. Unlike traditional online lenders, we offer our loan products among others on the same platform – transparently and with no additional fees. The company started its way in 2010 as a financial price comparison website and has grown over the years to become a diversified business with 2 revenue streams: balance sheet lending and commission-based revenue. It has over 100 employees, 2.5million users, a $5mln loan portfolio and created over $150mln in loan originations for other lenders. Its newly established lender TengeDa was set up to meet the regulatory requirements introduced in Kazakhstan in 2020.

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