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Capital Insider on Bondster

Capital Insider on Bondster

July 5, 2022 For investors | Tips and advice

Dennis Uliczka’s presentation about investing on Bondster, at the INVEST 2022 conference

German blogger and influencer Dennis Ulicza, who stands behind the website and podcast Capital Insider, gave a presentation on P2P investing and the benefits associated with investing on the Bondster platform at the Bondster booth during the INVEST STUTTGART conference.

In the presentation, Dennis focuses on explaining P2P investing and then introducing the Bondster platform itself, its functionality and attributes. He shares with the audience his experience with investing on the platform, illustrating how to invest in the loans on offer and the returns that can be achieved. You can also learn what strategies Dennis uses to invest on Bondster and a detailed description of each one of them.

You can listen to the podcast (in German) here, the YouTube video can be viewed here.

Autor: Markéta Mazanová

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