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When a repayment is overdue, investors are entitled to interest payments for the period of delay if the loan includes a buyback guarantee. If the loan does not include the guarantee, you are entitled to penalty fees. Their amount is specified in the loan details.

There have always been and will be people who need money for their needs. Similarly, there are always those who can invest (borrow) cash. The new legislation has introduced conditions to make sure that the lending process is now significantly more transparent. It provides a fair approach to lenders to borrowers, and also that loans are not provided to heavily indebted borrowers. Providers are legally obliged to examine debtors and, if there is a risk of non-compliance, they cannot provide the loan. In addition, only financially strong companies under strict Czech National Bank regulation, remain on the market, and ensure the fair and ethical behaviour of all subjects.

Yes, there are. Investments in loans secured by cryptocurrencies are very well secured in general. Firstly, with the possibility of buyback (repurchase guaranteed by the provider, i.e. ACEMA). Secondly, investors are also protected in case the investment is terminated early, and they get back 100% of the invested funds including the interest earned for the whole period.

On the Bondster platform, it is possible to invest primarily in secured loans. For selected unsecured loans, providers offer buy-back guarantees in the event of default by the borrower. These elements greatly increase the security of the investment. Remember that no investment is completely free of risk. That is why we strongly recommend that clients diversify their portfolio and, hence, their risk. To do this, it is advisable to invest in multiple loans.

Yes. The autoinvest can be edited anytime or can be deleted and replaced with a new one.

Bondster cannot access your funds without your instruction.

Yes, they can. Your investment would be repaid in full, and you would receive the outstanding principal and interest payments due you are entitled to on the day of early repayment.

If a Guarantee of Liquidity is offered, you can withdraw from the investment at any time during the course of the investment for a predefined fee. If the loan offers periodic exit points from the investment, it can be withdrawn from the investment after this predetermined period of time (weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly). In justified cases, an investor can ask the loan provider to process the redemption with the conditions under which the loan will be redeemed.

Yes, you have this option. To change your account, simply send funds from your new account to your investment account and prove that the account is yours (contract of establishment or account statement).

With regard to the protection of the debtor, this information is not passed on. The loan is managed by the provider and he takes all necessary steps to get money back. An investor can find all important information in the detail of each loan.

Yes, you may have an unlimited number of autoinvestments. Each one can be set up with your investment strategy.

When selling investments on the secondary market, you can do so at a profit, loss, or for their original purchase price. The original purchase price means that you sell a CZK 100 worth of investment to other investors exactly for CZK 100. You make a profit if you sell the CZK 100 investment for a higher price. For example: If the original price of the investment was CZK 100 and you want to make a 5% profit, you offer the investment on the secondary market for CZK 105. With a loss, it works exactly the other way around and the investment will be sold on the secondary market at a lower than the original price. For example: If the original investment was CZK 100 and the discount is 5%, you offer the investment on the secondary market for CZK 95. As a result, you will probably be able to get your money earlier or, for example, withdraw from an investment where there are delays in repayments by the borrower.

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