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Borrow money from the loan provider. The loan is secured, for example, by real estate or by car."

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Loan providers

The loan provider will offer the loan on the Bondster platform.



The investor chooses a loan on Bondster and invests in it.



They receive a share of the debtor's principal and interest.

How Bondster works

Bondster is an online platform that offers verified and secured loans for investment. This way, you invest in loans from verified lenders (loan providers) whose loans have also undergone a thorough approval process on their part.


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The system is simple: an applicant borrows money from a trustworthy lender (and he or she pledges a piece of real estate to secure the loan, for example). The lender then offers the loan for investment on Bondster. An investor chooses a loan on Bondster and invests in it. As the borrower (applicant) regularly repays the loan to the lender, Bondster credits the investor loan repayments, including interest, to their investment account.

Why invest on

High returns

High returns

By investing in secured loans, you can achieve attractive returns of up to 15% p.a. More about the returns

Loans and security

Loans and security

The loans are well secured. The most common ways of securing a loan are a buyback guarantee and pledging a piece of real estate or other movable property. More about security

Low fees

Low fees

Zero fees when investing in EUR. Low, 1% fee for investments in CZK. More about fees

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Investment marketplace Bondster is run by a team of professionals with experience in both finance and P2B investing (we also take care of the investment marketplace for example). We are well aware of the lack of quality investment opportunities on the market, which is why we have created an innovative online investment marketplace tailored to a wide range of investors. They can thus very easily and without a deep understanding of the financial markets invest in the opportunities we offer. You can learn more in the “About us” section.

The company is owned by CEP Invest Private Equity. A strategic partner of the project is ACEMA Credit Czech, a.s.

Bondster makes investing quick and easy and thus enables investors to diversify their portfolios. Another feature that makes it unique is the possibility to invest in loans secured by a lien on real estate and movables. Unlike other marketplaces, Bondster offers a buyback guarantee for selected loans to protect investments in case the borrower defaults. These methods of hedging significantly reduce investment risk. On top of that, the management of the investor account is very simple and user-friendly.

For each investment made, you will receive a Contract for the Assignment of a Claim, which includes an overview of receivables with the parameters of the investment.

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