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Jet Car is a new provider on Bondster

Jet Car is a new provider on Bondster

June 27, 2023 News

In April 2023, we added Jet Car as a new loan provider from Kazakhstan to our platform Bondster. The company offers financing for new and used cars as well as consumer loans secured by cars as collateral. The interest offered on investments in its loans will range between 10 – 12 %.

Kazakhstan’s non-bank lender Jet Car was established in 2018 and currently operates two branches in the cities of Almaty and Shymkent. The company is expanding quickly in the local market and plans to open three new offices in the cities of Astana, Karaganda and Ust-Kamenogorsk in 2023.

Jet Car is one of the leading providers of financial leasing and consumer loans secured by cars in Kazakhstan. Since its inception, the company has provided financing to more than five thousand clients and is managing a loan portfolio of over 2 trillion Kazakhstan tenge (the local currency, an equivalent of 0.048 Czech crowns). The company’s financial statements show that its loan portfolio grows by about 30% each year. Kazakhstan has a population of about 19 million and thus offers enormous space for the company’s dynamic growth to continue in the years to come.

Those interested in financing by Jet Car have two basic loan products available, i.e. financial leasing and a consumer loan secured by a car. Financial leasing is used to finance the purchase of a new or used car. The most frequently financed car brands include Mercedes, Lada, Daewoo and Volkswagen while the average age of financed vehicles is 10 years. If someone already owns a car and needs to borrow money instead, they can get a consumer loan against pledging their vehicle as collateral. The Jet Car client can then continue using the car.


The maturity of loans ranges from 3 to 84 months. According to the provider’s data, the average maturity of loans provided is 40 months. Those interested can borrow from 300,000 to 15 million tenge. Most often, Jet Car clients borrow an amount of up to 2 million tenge, while the average LTV value (the ratio between the amount of the loan provided and the collateral value of the car) is 78%. Loans are then repaid in regular monthly instalments.

The majority of Jet Car clients are men (72%) while about a quarter of its clients are women (28%). Approximately 70% of the company’s clients are under the age of 39. The loans are in demand by employees (46%), self-employed persons (39%) and also business owners (15%).

A high level of services offered to clients is paramount for Jet Car. For instance, each person interested in financing is assigned a personal assistant to work with. A great advantage is also the cooperation with over 60 established car dealers, which enables clients to find the desired vehicle relatively quickly. The most important car dealers the company works with include, for example, Aster Auto, Astana Motors, Orbis Group, Toyota, Crystal Auto, Infinity and Bipek Auto. Clients can also choose from the provider’s car database

Jet Car provides fast and flexible financing. Online scoring of loan applicants is a matter of course, for which the company uses data available from both public and private databases. To help data processing, it employs state-of-the-art technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. Advanced IT technologies are also used, for instance, to help assess the value of cars in question to determine their market price correctly or to allow real-time GPS tracking of pledged automobiles. Jet Car also boasts very efficient debt collection processes.

The CEO of the company is Azamat Seitbekov who has extensive experience in establishing and developing companies operating in the field of e-commerce in Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries. 

Bondster’s analytical team has assigned Jet Car a B+ rating.

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Author of the article: Roman Muller

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