Right Choice Finance Corporation offers guaranteed buyback and returns of up to 16% │ Bondster

Right Choice Finance Corporation offers guaranteed buyback and returns of up to 16%

Right Choice Finance Corporation offers guaranteed buyback and returns of up to 16%

March 27, 2023 For investors

Thanks to a wide range of loan providers on the platform Bondster, it has never been easier to create a well-diversified investment portfolio. We have decided to present to you the strong points of individual lenders. Today, we will have a close look at Right Choice Finance Corporation.

Right Choice Finance Corporation has been involved in providing non-bank business and consumer loans in the Philippines since 2016. It is a subsidiary of Singapore’s Right Choice Capital. The company primarily places unsecured business loans with a buyback guarantee on Bondster. 

To date, more than 4,700 users have already invested in loans issued by this provider on the platform. The overall amount of funds invested exceeds 275 million Czech crowns. The return on euro loans offered at the moment is 16% p.a., with a minimum investment period of 6 months. After this period, it is possible to withdraw from the investment free of charge.

Even though the loans offered are not secured by real estate, cars or other movable property, the provider reliably fulfils the buyback guarantee. It is also worth noting that this guarantee is activated already after 10 days when the loan is in arrears (with most providers, this usually happens after 30 or 60 days). All loans offered on Bondster so far have been properly repaid, including interest and penalty fees.

The company’s financial statements demonstrate it is in good financial condition. Right Choice Finance Corporation has received an A- rating from us which means it has a strong ability to meet its obligations. The company’s business is developing successfully and is currently expanding to Singapore, where it plans to provide loans for higher amounts. The growing need for additional financing is closely linked to the planned expansion, which is why we can expect more interesting investment loans to be offered on Bondster soon.

You can find detailed information about Right Choice Finance Corporation, including its current financial statements, in the Loan Providers section.


Author of the article: Roman Muller

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