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December 26, 2021

Established in August 2017, DanaRupiah has been at the frontier of innovation in the fintech industry through the utilization of technologies such as data mining and artificial intelligence. By providing unsecured credit services to local blue-and-white-collar workers, it has become one of the leading non-bank fintech lending companies in Indonesia with more than USD 740 million of cumulative loan disbursement, 7 million registered users. As a global company, the company’ group level has a presence in numerous countries around the world including Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Russia, India, Kenya, Nigeria and Mexico. The company employs more than 1500 employees globally. Danarupiah has very robust risk control Model which activates Anti-Fraud Systems which is able to identify the slightest fraud that can potentially happen. We also uses Big Data and Prediction Model which classify any possible transaction risk. Our Automatic Learning System activates machine learning which accumulates information and improves the automated review and approval rules.

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