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Krita is a new provider on Bondster

Krita is a new provider on Bondster

June 6, 2022 For investors | News

The Icelandic company Krita founded in 2009 focuses on short-term loans with maximum use of modern technology. To make the granting of loans flexible, the processes of application assessment, approval and loan provision are fully automated. The interest rate on Bondster will be in the range of 10-11%.

Krita focuses mainly on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises that most often apply for a short-term loan for 10-60 days in the amount of 100-150,000 euros. As everything is fully automated, it only takes 16 seconds to fill in the loan application on average. The company’s internal statistics show that 83% of applications are approved, and the default rate is less than 3%.

Since 2009, the total volume of loans provided has exceeded 160 million euros for more than 33,000 customers. Krita’s loans currently being offered on Bondster for investment are worth 365,000 euros. The interest rate is in the range of 10-11% and the company has scored a rating of B on Bondster. To learn more about how the rating is assigned on Bondster, please see the Providers Rating article on our blog.

Krita is part of the Orka Ventures group with many years of experience in providing online loans in a number of Nordic countries. You can find more information about the provider at website and also in the Providers section, where you will also find the company’s financial statements.

Author: Michal Rázga

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