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Mocasa is a new provider on Bondster

Mocasa is a new provider on Bondster

August 31, 2023 For investors | News

A new provider from the Philippines joins Bondster – Mocasa. The company brings innovative payment methods to the local market and focuses on providing short-term consumer loans. The interest rate of the offered investments in loans is 15% – 18 %.

Behind the Mocasa online payment service is the Philippine Cashtrout Lending Corporation. It brings new payment options for goods and services to the Philippine market. Even though the Mocasa mobile app was only launched in 2021, it has quickly gained the favour of many Filipinos. Currently, it has over 700,000 registered users. By the end of 2024, the company aims to attract more than 2 million people, and in 2027 it plans to exceed the 5 million users mark. Mocasa provides quality credit services and cooperates with renowned partners such as Mastercard or Asia United Bank. 


Setting up and using their service is very simple. Those interested can download the application to their mobile phone, register using their phone number and fill in basic information about themselves (e.g. age, gender, income, etc.). Then, the company performs a sophisticated scoring, based on which it sets the credit limit for each applicant. 

At partner merchants, users can pay simply by scanning the QR code on the product. As of today, the Mocasa application is supported by more than 800,000 stores. Another possibility is paying directly in the application, for example for music, games or also energy and other services. You can also use a virtual Mocasa Card to pay in brick-and-mortar stores. It is accepted at all places where merchants accept Mastercard payment cards. 

Through the application, users can flexibly draw a loan in the amount of 3 to 25 thousand PHP (the Philippine peso) based on their creditworthiness. The borrowed amount can then be repaid gradually in up to three instalments. The maximum loan term is 90 days

A big advantage for Mocasa application users is the 50-day interest-free period. Once this period ends, borrowers can either set a minimum repayment or choose flexible repayment plans and repay in line with their financial situation. With reliable repayment, the credit limit is increased. This way, Filipinos can gradually build a positive credit history.


When scoring clients, Mocasa uses an intelligent real-time risk assessment system. It evaluates, for example, the client’s credit history, payment history with mobile operators, energy suppliers and the like. This system ensures a low rate of bad debts.

The company’s CEO is Robin Wong, who has more than ten years of experience as a fintech entrepreneur and over 20 years of working experience in telecommunications, media and technology (TMT). 

Bondster’s analyst team has assigned Mocasa a B- rating.

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Author of the article: Roman Muller

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