We are expanding our offer of providers with Jijenge Credit │ Bondster


We are expanding our offer of providers with Jijenge Credit

We are expanding our offer of providers with Jijenge Credit

April 3, 2024 For investors | News

We have newly added Jijenge Credit from Kenya to our Bondster platform offer. The company provides tailored online financing solutions to individuals and businesses. The annual interest rate of investments to be offered will range between 12 % and 14 %. 

Jijenge Credit has been operating in the Kenyan market since 2014 and focuses on providing online loans. In 2022, it also obtained a license from the Central Bank of Kenya, which is the main regulatory body overseeing the banking sector in the country. 


Along with the growing number of users of modern technologies, the financial services sector is also undergoing dynamic growth. Today, the majority of Kenyans have access to online platforms that make getting a loan quick, convenient and easy. 

The loan provider Jijenge Credit mainly targets people interested in financing from the middle and upper class because many of these people have assets that they can use as loan collateral. Among its customers, there are also sole traders and companies who use the provider’s financial solutions.

By 2030, Jijenge Credit plans to increase its client base by another 50,000 and thus increase its market share. The company also aims to become a leading financial services provider in Kenya and East Africa.

The company’s CEO is Peter Macharia who has over 25 years of experience in banking. Bondster’s analyst team has assigned Jijenge Credit a B rating.

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We have the company’s presentation and its financial results prepared for you.

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Author of the article: Roman Muller

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