We have increased the rating of ITF Group JSC from A- to A │ Bondster


We have increased the rating of ITF Group JSC from A- to A

We have increased the rating of ITF Group JSC from A- to A

May 24, 2024 News

ITF Group JSC is a credit company which provides high-quality investments in consumer loans on the platform BONDSTER, which can yield up to 13% p.a. After evaluating the Q1 2024 company data, we have proceeded to increase its rating from A- to A.

A credit risk rating assigned by the analyst team at Bondster reflects a provider’s ability to meet its obligations to investors as well as liquidity and capital requirements. We evaluate the financial condition of individual providers on an ongoing basis and if necessary, make adjustments to their ratings.

After a thorough analysis of the available data for the first quarter of 2024, we have decided to increase the rating of ITF Group JSC (ITF) from A- to A. At the moment, it is the best-rated foreign company on BONDSTER. It also boasts excellent foundations to meet its financial obligations.


ITF Group JSC reported a total portfolio growth of over 20% for the period with the revenue rising by 54% and profitability by an astonishing 85%. The company has also improved its capital adequacy ratio (note: it has increased the proportion of equity compared to external capital, thanks to the retention of profits from previous years). 

ITF Group JSC has sufficient capital for its operations and is able to fulfil its obligations towards investors. Helping the decision to increase its rating was also the fact that the company has been listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. To do that, it had to fulfil strict conditions and successfully undergo the due diligence process.

Author of the article: Roman Muller

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