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February 2, 2024

Advanto is an HR-FinTech app, providing employee benefit of early earned wage access (EWA). As a leading player in Central Europe, Advanto operates in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. In 2023, more than 50,000 employees had access to Advanto, and the average frequency of withdrawals through Advanto is one every three minutes, while the monthly total of withdrawals is rising significantly each month.

The user can withdraw part of his wage ahead of time via Advanto, and the amount withdrawn will then be deducted from the wage, eliminating the credit risk of the user for Advanto. This setting makes Advanto focus on the risk of clients – the companies Advanto users work for and since Advanto only cooperates with well-credit-rated companies, the write-offs have accounted only for 0.01% of all funding provided.

Selected loans with verified clients are made available to investors on the Bondster marketplace by Advanto, which also guarantees a buyback in the event of repayment troubles.

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