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Lime Loans SA

December 26, 2021

Lime Loans South Africa forms part of the international fintech Lime Credit Group, the group’s core business is offering fintech technology driven online consumer credit with current operations in Russia, South Africa, and Mexico. Lime Loans South Africa was founded in 2015 and is currently the only Russian-based company in the online lending market in South Africa.

In 2021, Lime Loans South Africa issued 62,236 loans with a capital value of EUR 5,6 million while maintaining a customer retention rate over 80%. The volume of client loans disbursed grew by 84%, while their value – by 124%. Totally, there was a 98% increase in new client loans disbursed compared to 2020.

For 2022, Lime Loans South Africa wants to achieve a further 88% increase in the value of loans disbursed compared to 2021. Moreover, a 52% increase in the number of new client loans and a 91% growth of subsequent loans compared to 2021 is planned for the upcoming year.

As an international fintech company, Lime Credit Group has accumulated broad expertise in developing advanced scoring mechanisms that allow it to determine client’s creditworthiness accurately and with fairness. Lime Loans South Africa also uses a sophisticated automated system that assesses data from several external sources and combines them with verified data from clients’ applications and bank statements, in order to predict the possibility of default and prevent fraudulent loan applications.


Interview with Jaco Coetzee, Managing Director of Lime Loans South – November 2021

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