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Lime Zaim

Lime Zaim

December 26, 2021

Founded in 2013, Lime Zaim is a leader in online lending in Russia. The company is licensed by the Central Bank of Russia.
Lime’s core products consist of instant cash loans and installment loans, both of which are tailored to the needs of retail borrowers.

Lime Zaim’s proprietary scoring system evaluates nearly 10,000 client profile parameters within a few seconds. Combining high-tech behavioral analysis of clients with results of the scoring algorithms, the company assesses creditworthiness with a high degree of fairness.

Since its inception, the company has issued nearly 2,000,000 loans worth over 21 billion Russian rubles. Lime Zaim employs more than 600 specialists, maintains a 4.6 billion RUB loan portfolio, and services over 200,000 active borrowers. In addition to an increase in market share and a 1.5-fold growth in the number of active borrowers, the company has had a significant improvement in the quality of loans and financial results.

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