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December 26, 2021

NordCard (Hedge Capital Company LLC), was launched in February 2016 as a FinTech company offering innovative to that time and market credit card product with credit line functionality in a non-banking segment. NordCard payment card, the product and the service, has undertaken 4 development cycles for now, meaning, that our clients can now enjoy stable, modern, flexible, secure and trustworthy product. Our payment card can be used all over the world for secure Online purchases, payments and ATM cash withdrawals – it is more than 32 million of retailers and 600 thousand of ATMs worldwide.

In April 2017 NordCard launched additional product – credit line to bank account, where clients can enjoy all the beauty of credit line without having actual payment card. By transferring money within the credit line limit to private bank accounts, customers can further make payments from their bank account or top up other owned payment cards. Along with other service improvements NordCard recently has launched full self-service Online Banking system for their customers, to ensure they can easily manage their credit line accounts and payment cards, as well as communicate with us.

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