INTERVIEW: Vladimir Vala vs Marco Schwartz

INTERVIEW: Vladimir Vala vs Marco Schwartz

July 6, 2022 For investors| Tips and advice

Marco Schwartz recorded an interview with Bondster’s Risk Analyst

Marco Schwartz, a French blogger and Youtuber specializing in P2P investing, recorded an interview with Bondster’s risk analyst, Vladimir Vala, about investing on Bondster.

In the interview you can learn how the process of onboarding new loan originators to the platform works and also more about the internal scoring system Bondster uses to rate them.

Last but not least, Vladimir Vala shared with Marco Schwartz which loan providers Bondster plans to add to the platform, what he thinks about the future of P2P investing as a whole, and what advice he would give to someone who is about to start investing on the Bondster platform.

You can watch the full interview (in English) on Marco Schwartz’s YouTube channel.

Author: Markéta Mazanová

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