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  • Secured loans such as real estate.
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+ 10,20 % p.a.

How much?

2 000 EUR
500 EUR 10 000 EUR

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5 years
1 year 20 years

10,13 %Average annual return

5721Number of investors

EUR 13253646Loans volume

Current investments

Investing on Bondster is simple and transparent. You can choose the level of returns you want to earn.

Type Min. investment time Available to Invest Guarantee Interest
1 year 194 EUR 13 %
Loan type
Interest rate 13 %
Buyback Yes
Exit No ( % / Without claim)
LTV 0.00 %
Payment Frequency Monthly
Amortization Annuity repayment
Penalty fees No (0)
Loan ID 201423
Loan amount 204,00 EUR
Outstanding principal 204,00 EUR
Available to invest 194,00 EUR
Issue date 15.03.2019
Payable to 15.04.2019
Remaining maturity 1 months
Listing date 19.03.2019
Installments before due date 1
Paid installments 0
Overdue installments 0
Share of 0 investors
ACEMA, mandatory originator´s share
Available to invest
I want to invest
Debtor Individual, Woman, 46 years
Type of collateralNo collateral
Valuation EUR

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The Buyback guarantee. The loan provider guarantees the investors the return of the outstanding principal and unpaid interest payments in the event of debtor's default.

Guaranty of Liquidity offers the possibility to withdraw the invested amount at any time and immediately.

Exit of investment offers the opportunity to terminate the investment at regular intervals, usually monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Why invest on Bondster?

High yields

Investing in secured loans on Bondster brings annual returns of 10% or more.

Secured loans

Loans are secured by real estate or other property, or covered by the loan provider's guarantee.

Low fees

There is a low annual fee only 1 % of the invested amount.

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