Reviews of the Bondster – P2P café, P2P Investment Europe a Bernhard Hummel │ Bondster

Reviews of the Bondster – P2P café, P2P Investment Europe a Bernhard Hummel

Reviews of the Bondster – P2P café, P2P Investment Europe a Bernhard Hummel

March 17, 2022 Bondster in News | News

In this article, we present you with 3 reviews of the Bondster portal, carried out by well-known P2P experts and investors. In the P2P Cafe podcast, you can listen to Bondster CEO Pavel Klema, in the video review done by P2P Investment EU you find out why this renowned blogger included Bondster in his portfolio, and in Bernhard Hummel’s video you will learn why he included Bondster among his top 3 platforms.

Pavel Klema as a guest in the P2P café podcast

Renowned German bloggers Thomas Butz and Lars Wrobbel recorded a podcast about Bondster, to which they also invited its CEO, Pavel Klema.

In this episode of their regular podcast, they focused on detailed information about the platform as such, how much they invest in it, how it is with regulations, the secondary market, loan security, and, last but not least, they shared their personal experiences with the platform.

In the end, they interviewed Pavel Klema, CEO of Bondster. You can listen to the whole episode (in German) here.

P2P Investment Europe adds Bondster to its portfolio

Angelo Colombo, from the P2P investment Europe Youtube channel, has added the Bondster platform to its investment portfolio

In the video he made on this topic, you will learn why he decided to start investing on the Bondster platform. Angelo reveals the benefits of investing with Bondster, what attributes he likes on the platform, and what makes it easier for him to invest.

You can watch the whole video here. The Bondster section starts at 6:00 a.m.

Bernhard Hummel ranked Bondster among his TOP 2

Austrian influencer and Youtuber Bernhard Hummel published a video on his Youtube channel, in which he introduces his selection of TOP 3 platforms for 2022.

In the video (from 8 minutes onwards) you will learn, among other things, what he values ​​on the platform, what investment strategies he uses, and what returns can be expected on the platform.

You can watch the whole video on his channel.

Author: Markéta Mazanová

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