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December 26, 2021

Smartadvance (Fin Payroll Loans) is a registered credit provider – incorporated in South Africa – with over 10 years’ experience in providing financial solutions to more than 177,000 consumers, issuing upwards of 1,145,324 loans. Using technology, smartadvance delivers innovative and simple financial products including personal loans and insurance with payroll lending making up 70% of the portfolio. These loans have collections secured by deductions at source reducing the credit risk significantly.

With secondary operations in Eswatini and Namibia, smartadvance South Africa forms part of the Finclusion Group. It is our goal to empower consumers to achieve financial health. By providing smartadvance clients with educational tools as well as access to their personal data, smartadvance aims to enable clients to make financially sound decisions. Through a brand that people trust, a product that is easy to use, state of the art technology and customer insight, we strive to provide a unique experience that helps take people on a journey of financial health and growth.

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