ACEMA Credit Czech

ACEMA Credit Czech

December 26, 2021

ACEMA Credit Czech, a.s. has been operating on the Czech credit market since 2000. It strengthened its position with foreign investment in the company in 2012. With the help of this new investor, ACEMA has adjusted its products to make them even more accessible and attractive to a wider range of loan applicants and can therefore offer attractive loans through the Bondster platform. In 2019, the company issued almost 400 loans totaling 449 million. Currently, ACEMA is one of the most significant providers of secured non-bank loans on the Czech market. Acema’s fiscal year ends on March 31. The legal obligation to publish annual reports according to the Czech law falls to September 30.

ACEMA Credit Czech, a.s. successfully passed the licensing procedure of the Czech National Bank and, on 4 May 2018, it became a regulated and registered subject with the Czech National Bank. The Czech National Bank’s license guarantees transparency, compliance with legal standards and a high level of professionalism.

ACEMA provides loans secured by real estate but also by a personal guarantee, i.e. Business Invest loans, which offer higher returns.

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